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Digital reconstruction of the Sulis Minerva - The head of which is currently displayed in the Roman Baths in Bath, UK.  Minerva’s head “The gilt bronze head of the goddess Sulis Minerva is one of the best known objects from Roman Britain."

The Making and Breaking of Sulis Minerva uses digital technologies and non-invasive testing to augment a reconstruction of a complete statue using Roman bronze casting and stone carving methods. The "Making" part of the project utilises a 3D scan, 3D print, and photo-induced luminescence imaging of the bronze head. A 3D Sculpting program then constructs a complete statue. This digital sculpt is informed by scholastic methods and online libraries of images. The photo-induced luminescence indicates the binders used in the colouring of the bronze. Once a version is produced it is assessed by Classic scholars, achieving the best approximation to the original. The "Breaking" element uses the hammer dents to show the size, amount and force used in its Damnatio memoriae. Replica hammers will be used to "break" the completed statue. Data from these fragments will assist the study of other bronze fragments of statues.


See 3D Model

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