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Established in 1947, HMS Cambria was originally based in Cardiff Docks until 1980 where it moved to Sully.  The new building will be home to the University Royal Naval Units, Royal Naval Reserves and Royal Marines Reserves.

Morgan Sindall Construction set us the challenge of creating a unique virtual architectural visualisation. Rather than looking to produce a flat 2D representation on the planned structure the team at Domingos Studios decided to create a three dimension scene that would allow the viewer to experience what it would be like standing in situ alongside HMS Cambria and it's surroundings within Cardiff Bay. 

Using state of the art technology the team set about creating a synthesis of 3D architecture and 360 degree panoramic photography to produce an environment that can be experienced and appreciated in virtual reality. 

Multiple renders were also created to allow people to see HMS Cambria from a variety of different viewpoints from around the surrounding grounds.

"It is always a pleasure to work with Domingos studios, constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology to produce groundbreaking virtual 3D graphics. The Royal Navy are delighted with your recent work on the HMS Cambria project. We look forward to working with you again – soon"

Head of Communications and Marketing - Reserve Forces' & Cadets' Association for Wales


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