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The Llanelli Goods Shed project involved the creation of a seven-foot panel depicting a scene from the shed's industrial history. Furthermore, we were commissioned to develop several interactive augmented reality features to enhance the user's experience and provide a more dynamic encounter.

A significant aspect of Llanelli's industrial heritage has undergone rejuvenation with the recent reopening of a section of the town's railway goods shed. Dating back to 1875, this emblematic structure held considerable importance for the community until its closure in 1966. Despite this, the attached block continued to function as offices for Network Rail in the subsequent years, maintaining a tangible link to its industrial legacy.

In an ambitious initiative, Domingos Studios has infused fresh vitality into this historic landmark. As part of the restoration project, Domingos Studios recreated a scene from the early 1900s within the refurbished space, integrating interactive augmented reality elements. This innovative approach offers a captivating glimpse into the past, blending history seamlessly with modernity.

The reopening of the railway goods shed not only preserves a fragment of Llanelli's history but also commemorates its enduring influence in shaping the town's character. It stands as a testament to the community's resilience and the imperative of safeguarding historical treasures for posterity. Through meticulous restoration efforts and innovative technological enhancements, the railway goods shed has metamorphosed into a vibrant centre of cultural exchange and historical exploration.

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