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Two memorial sculptures paying tribute to the workforce of the Haven’s energy industry and commemorating those who have given their lives in service were produced by sculptor Andy Griffiths.

Working predominantly in ZBrush (3D sculpting software), Domingos Studios was commissioned to create the illustrated relief work for the base of a 14 foot bronze cast depicting the array of services in the UK.

The team created hundreds of assets for the piece, ranging from ships, workmen, and animals to the London skyline.

The 3D work was then exported as a 12 foot by 3 foot 2D image that was used to carve a 3mm deep relief out of MDF, eventually to be converted into a mould for bronze casting - a real mix of cutting edge technology and 2000 year old bronze casting techniques!

We also worked on the 'Pembroke' memorial, a 3 meter long stone carved bench that needed typographic layout, relief carvings and visualisations.

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